Praz Michel was attracted by the mountain from the age of 7 when already in a group , he participated in hikes in the Vanoise area.

He left Burgundy in 1970 for Paris and carried on his business as a draftsman in Architecture, sharing weekend between Burgundy and the Alps.

In 1984 circumstances led him to participate in film shoots and commercial animations together with his activities as an architect.

This led him in 1985 to stop hiking in the French Alps because of the curious public and he took refuge in the Bernese Oberland in GRINDELWALD where he was promoted hardworking citizen in 1995.

In 1998, he initiated of a group of hikers with a friend from CHERNEX in Switzerland (VD) .

Still attached to the mountains , botany and the alpine way of life, he spent his time between the region of CHAMONIX, the Swiss Alps and dearly appreciated their diversity and traditions.

He also discovered in 1998 Saanenland and its carvings, of amazed and curious, he tried to realize this art and designed, out of his personal experiences and craftsmanship, his first carvings thanks to the help of removed carvers.

He drew landscapes and alpine sceneries on traditional paper and had the idea to of ​​create lampshades with, for some of than, incorporated colors which mirrored the landscapes, flowers and sceneries through a game of light and transparency.

He has been Integrated within the ” Swiss Society of cutters on paper” www.scherenschnitt.ch for several years, his works are regularly exhibited in Switzerland and France .

In 2005 , he discovered the SEE HOTEL BÄREN BRIENZ , the beauty of its site , the magic of Ayurveda and its lake which is now the source of health and renewal. , And with the complicity of the entire team of the SEE HOTEL BÄREN BRIENZ he will be thrilled to share his passion for the art of cutting with you, thanks to this exhibition under 2012 and 2022 in the fairy decor of BRIENZ.

A new exposition is under construction but for any questions you can contact me with the contact form.